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Lake Nipigon Fishing

lake trout fishing

The Lake Nipigon area is known for the world record Brook Trout, caught in the Nipigon River.  Lake Nipigon has "monster" Northern Pike fishing and Lake Trout.  Walleye and Brook Trout are also plentiful. 

Our outpost camp is the only lodge this close to Lake Nipigon in the Black Sturgeon area.  The area around Lake Nipigon is protected as park land, therefore we are minutes from Lake Nipigon by ATV.  We supply the ATV transportation and boats but guests are welcome to bring their own if preferred. 

There is great inland fishing all year round in the surrounding areas, close by the lodge and in the Black Sturgeon area. 

Contact us for information on lodge rental packages and fishing options.

September 2019 - camp space available for grouse hunting.  Explore the vast Canadian wilderness on your ATV.