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How would you like to catch Trophy Walleyes, Brook Trout, Northern Pike or Monster Lake Trout?


How about one or more of each species in the same trip?


Lake Nipigon is the 30th largest freshwater Lake in the World and produces numerous trophy fish each season. We do not fish memories…We expect trophy fish for you.

Our outpost camp is the closest lodge to Lake Nipigon in the Black Sturgeon area. Since the area around Lake Nipigon is considered Park land we are located just outside the protected area and our guests access the lake via Comfortable Side by side ATV and Argo. We supply the transportation but you are welcomed to bring your own to explore the countless miles of trails that the area has to offer.


Our outpost camp is also strategically located for our guests to enjoy other terrific inland fishing as well as Lake Nipigon.


Since Ruffed Grouse in our area are abundant consider a Fall trip for a cast and blast getaway…YUM!


Most trips are self-guided but we also offer guided fishing trips on Lake Nipigon.


Spoil yourself and land a trophy fish of all four species.

Fishing Package

$1,500 USD / angler for 5 nights (unguided)

Includes cabin, boat, motor, gas, camp guide assistance.

Guiding: $750 / day.


Fish on!


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