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Canoe & Kayak Lake Superior

Moss Harbour, Lake Superior is located directly on the Trans Canada Trail water route.  The Trans Canada Trail is the longest recreational trail in the world, joining Canada from coast to coast to coast .  According to Trans Canada Trail Ontario, they are about 83% complete, this trail links 15 000 communities along 24 000 km.  (Visit for more information).  This year (2016) we received a grant from the Trans Canada Trail and TD Bank that made it possible for us to purchase canoes and kayaks for our guests to enjoy and experience a portion of the Trans Canada Trail water route.

We also purchased a 25ft Voyageur Canoe so our guests can experience paddling along the historic voyageur fur trade route.  According to several history books, the voyageur canoe route around Lake Superior was near the shoreline.  As stated by a Paul Fountain writing "These lakes are subject to sudden squalls...unless therefore you have time to reach the land, an upset is inevitable."  Although there is a lot of writing of the challenges and hazards, there are records of fur canoes going though at extraordinary speeds.  They would stay among the coastal islands to stay out of the wind and the voyageurs would most often paddle at night.  The voyageurs would carry goods with huge birch bark canoes from Montreal to Fort William, passing through and possibly taking shelter in Moss Harbor where our Lake Superior lodges are located today.

Guests can use our canoes and kayaks as part of their stay with us. Or we can transport you and your own canoe or kayak out to our lodges on Lake Superior.  Paddle along and explore the islands and shoreline around Lake Superior, don't forget to visit  our geocache locations hidden among the islands and shores. 

This fall, a group of local scuba divers stayed with us at Moss Island exploring local shipwrecks in the area near the lodges.   Visit for an article from the mayor of Nipigon, Richard Harvey states  "Lake Superior could be a popular destination for underwater adventurers".  One known shipwreck The Neebing - went down in 1937 and located in 100 feet of water. (Credit: David D. Swayze, Lake Isabella MI). 

Canoe & Kayak Lake Superior, so much to see and explore!